Monday, December 10, 2012

Independent Project: Camera Tossing

For my quarterly independent project I will be focusing on camera tossing. Camera tossing, which is a form of kinetic photography was pioneered by Ryan Gallagher, a few years back. His work can be seen at both as well as A photo can only be called a camera toss if the picture is taken while the camera is in the air. There are two main types of camera tossing. The first type is shot in a dark room using a few different light sources and a long exposure. You spin and or flip the camera to create interesting designs. Here are some examples and a video which explains the process.

Photo by Beatrice Murch

The second type of camera tossing, which most people think of involves using a self timer and actually throwing the camera up above you, spinning it and hoping that it takes a picture of you looking up at it, or something else. Obviously this involves some luck, and lots of trial and error. Usually a wide angle lens is used for this so you don't need to throw it too high. You can use a fast shutter or a slower one to create a blur effect.

I will be exploring both types for my project. 

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